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"This comfortable, lace-trimmed camisole is designed to offer soft compression. It’s basically shapewear with two built-in cross-draw holsters. The material is soft and light, and it’s braless, so you can wear it with your regular bra or sports bra.

The camisole is comfortable to wear. It may run a bit on the larger size; by the size chart measurements I thought a medium would be the best size for me but it turned out that I would have been fine going with a small. I continued wearing the medium for the review, although the folks at Nickel & Lace offered to send me the smaller size. Because it was a tad big for me, I didn’t get the benefit of much compression. This camisole made a great layering piece that securely held all three of the subcompact pistols I used for testing purposes.

I really like this camisole. The fabric is light and soft, which make it perfect for wear even in the heat of the summer. The lace trim across the bottom offered a little bit of grip to keep the camisole from riding up, which was never an issue. The built-in holsters do a nice job of concealing. I tried to manipulate the trigger of my (unloaded) pistol through the fabric, but there’s a nice, thick barrier to prevent accidental discharge. Held close to the body because of the compression fabric, my pistol was invisible under clothing. It was comfortable to carry with my pistol in one holster and a spare magazine in the other. And my gun stayed secure while I was on horseback.

Remember that whenever you’re wearing any type of clothing that conceals, you’ll have to practice holstering and unholstering your pistol. Should you need to draw your pistol, practicing over and over will ensure a safe, efficient draw. Reholstering should be done in a slow, deliberate, and careful manner."

- Annette Doerr

"I just received my Nickel and Lace holster- bodywear. This is an incredible product! I am a small woman of average height, so I purchased an xs. I do, however, carry a fairly large gun, a Kimber 45 ProCarry II. I was a bit concerned, but the holster works wonderfully! I hung upside down, jumped up and down, and basically tried to dislodge my unloaded firearm. There was absolutely no movement. Not only that but there was no imprinting, even with my 1911 style gun! On my small frame, this is nothing short of a miracle! Way to go, Marilyn! Wish I had thought of this... I cannot recommend this enough!"

Woodridge, IL

"I have been a concealed carry female for approximately 3 years. I have yet to find a way to carry on my body and have been reluctantly carrying in my purse. I have never felt that this was the best decision. My curves have just never been friendly to the other options.
I saw your Youtube video showing the shapewear tank and I thought I would give it a shot. I put it on, threw my P238 in the holster, threw a t-shirt on and off I went. My husband (who didn't know I had ordered the product) never knew I had my weapon on me. Even after I told him I had my weapon on me, he couldn't find where I had it hidden.
This product is so comfy that I hardly knew I was wearing it.
I would like to thank nickel and lace for such an outstanding product. I will be ordering another one in a different color. Worth every penny

- Barbara

Tavares, FL

"I loved the first one so much I ordered this one in black! It's very well made and comfortable, not like other shapewear I own. It's very sexy too! I hope you expand the business because women need this.

- Cat

San Bruno, CA


"My wife and I got our permits and your holster has quickly become her 'go to' holster. She does not use the purse I bought her, she may use the paddle holster in the winter time when she has more clothes on, but for now, she is making good use of your holster system."


Joliet, IL


"N&L patch on my M.O.A.B. daily!"


Morton Grove, IL


"I love the tank top, it's so soft and the color is great.....I wore it to the CRW workshop on Saturday and everyone was asking me about it, they thought it was such a cool concept.....I'll be wearing it again to a conference next week!"


Concord, NC


"I love my sexy holster - And it's keeping everything in place..."


Orland Park, IL


"This is a wonderful holster shirt for the ladies, that will meet your needs for everyday concealed carry. Nickel and Lace put a lot of research and development into this holster shirt and it shows. You will not be disappointed in the comfort and its ability to conceal your everyday carry and or money or other documents you might be carrying. Guys if you are unsure on what to give your significant other this would be the perfect gift."


Boston, Mass


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