Where can I find your size chart?

Each garment should have a size chart in it's description along with the size of subcompacts that can fit into their respective holster pockets.

Sizing and measuring tips:

  • Garments runs true to size

  • If your measurements borderline between size, choose the smaller size

  • This garment is shape wear and should fit as such

  • When measuring your waist, wrap the tape around the narrowest part of your torso, where your skin folds when you bend side to side

  • When measuring your hips, wrap tape around the widest part of your hips and bottom

  • Recommended handgun sizes are compact and subcompact such as Glock 42, Glock 43, Kahr P380, Ruger LCP and other similar sized firearms or items to be concealed


If I’m not planning to conceal carry, what are the other uses for the holster: 

For those ladies who do not conceal carry a weapon, this holster can hold your phone or ID and credit cards, or other small items.


Where can I find the Original Nickel and Lace holster and other Nickel and Lace products: 

We are also available on this site and in multiple Range Showrooms. Ask your range or local sporting good store to carry the Luxe Lace.


What colors are the N&L holsters available in: 

Black, Nude, and White


What does ‘printing’ mean: 

"Printing" can be defined as the form or "print" of a gun being seen through clothing making it obvious someone is attempting to carry concealed.


Do I need a concealed carry permit:

If you plan to carry a weapon of any kind it is necessary to contact your local and state authorities to get the proper permits.


Can I carry a compact or subcompact with alterations such as grip adaptors, extensions, or added sights in this holster:

We do not recommend using any grip adaptors, extension, or added sights.  Any alteration to the Original Nickel and Lace holster or using it with a gun for which it was not recommended can create an unsafe condition. Should any Nickel and Lace product become worn, loose, broken, defective or ill-fitting, cease use immediately.


Where should I go to find an accredited firearms instructor: 

We suggest visiting USCCA.com or NRA.org for a detailed list of instructors and courses in your area.


Are there any gun safety training classes for ‘Ladies Only’: 

There has been a significant rise in ‘Ladies Only’ courses, training days, range days, etc. Refer to your local range for more details. Also, refer to the NRA Women’s Programs for a full list of accredited courses and instructors.


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